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The Office of the Registrar maintains student academic records and ensures that student rights are protected under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The Office of the Registrar provides many services to the general public, students, alumni, faculty and staff. These services include, 但不限于注册, 课程时间表调整, withdrawals, transcript requests, 毕业人数/验证, 毕业申请审查, grade processing, change of majors, 个人资料更新, 以及课程安排. The course schedule is produced through this office as well as the final exam schedule and the academic calendar.




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Phone: (781)239-2550

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I’m looking to enroll in courses at 菠菜信誉网 and not pursue a degree. What do I need to do?

您可以填写我们的任一表格 非学位互动注册表格 or our 打印/下载非学位注册表格. Completed print and download registration forms may be submitted to our office email address at 请注意,没有学位的学生 not MassReconnect/经济援助资格.

I’m unable to receive my 菠菜信誉网 advisor signature or professors permission on my registration form, what should I do?

If you are unable to receive your advisor’s signature or professors permission, you may forward to our office an email from your advisor/professor 菠菜信誉网 email address that states you have permission to enroll in the course(s) indicated on your registration form and we will accept their email in lieu of their signature. 我们办公室的电子邮件地址是

The course I’m interested in requires proof of a pre/co-requisite. What do I need to do?

If you’re a non-degree seeking student and the course(s) you’re looking to enroll in require proof of completion of a pre/co-requisite(s), 请填写并提交一份 非学位注册表格. On this form you may self-certify that you have completed the required requisite(s) to enroll within the 自我认证的先决条件 area. Please make sure when comeplting this portion that you inlcude all details of the pre/co-requsite(s).

If you’re a degree seeking student and you have not submitted your official transcript to 菠菜信誉网, you may submit your registration form along with a copy of your unofficial transcript to our office ( Your unofficial transcript must state your name and the name of the school. Once received, we will forward your documents to the Advising Office for review and once complete you will receive communication from a representative within a 2-3 business days.

For details regarding our placement requirements please visit: 就业要求网页

I just completed an interactive form, are there further steps I need to take?

完成交互式表单后, an email is sent to the email address that was indicated on your form. 在此电子邮件中,您必须确认您的签名. Once your signatire has been confirmed, your request is directed to our office ( If this is your first time at 菠菜信誉网 you'll receive an email with log-in credentials from the 菠菜信誉网 IT Help Desk (。表格经本处职员处理后,便会递交. These credentials will log you into your 菠菜信誉网 email address and Bay Navigator account. 正式的入学确认书将寄给您 菠菜信誉网 email address.



  1. Bay Navigator account (via Parchment Electronic Transcript Request): 要发出此请求,请单击 学习成绩及成绩 tile and choose 正式成绩单申请 from the option list. Official transcripts can be requested through Parchment and will be emailed or mailed to the address indicated for a fee of $2.75. This includes immediate tracking of the status of your request. 您也可以访问Parchment登录页面 电子成绩单申请服务→.
    And, you may request/print unofficial transcripts via your Bay Navigator account.
  2. 成绩单申请表格: 您可以填写我们的任一表格 交互式成绩单请求表格 or our 打印并下载成绩单申请表 将你的成绩单通过邮政邮寄. The 打印并下载成绩单申请表 may be submitted to our office email address at There is no cost to the student using this method to request your official transcript.

如需技术帮助,请与IT帮助台联系 或致电(781)239-2440..

我要求寄一份正式的成绩单. 处理我的申请需要多长时间?

Official transcripts will be processed and mailed through the postal mail within 2-3 business days. Once a transcript has been mailed, we are unable to provide an update on the status of the request. 即时处理, we recommend you request your official transcript through the 菠菜信誉网 portal on 电子成绩单申请服务→.


Academic Calendars for each semester may be found on the 校历页.

How do I get my Bay Navigator username and initial password?

  1. Navigate to IT帮助台密码重置/ oneloginginstructions

For Assistance: Please contact the 菠菜信誉网 IT Help Desk at (781)239-2440 or by email at The IT Help Desk provides 24/7 support for technical issues including password resets.


  1. 访问您的Bay Navigator帐户.
  2. Click on 学习成绩及成绩 tile and choose View my Grades from list

要查看另一个学期的成绩,请点击 Change Term 按钮,选择术语并单击 Continue.